Alberta Traffic Court Phone Number

Fines (adults and minors): Applications to extend the time limit for payment of fines are accepted by the Provincial Court by mail, email, fax or telephone. If you missed a court date that resulted in an arrest warrant, contact the court handling your case by phone or email for further instructions. For more information on specific court locations, protocols and practices, check out the links below: You can visit any courthouse in Alberta to pay for your ticket in person. Sign up for the list at checkout and you can make your payment with no service charge. Below is all the contact information you need for sites in southern Alberta. You can send your ticket payment by check (do not send cash by mail) to any of the sites listed below. Just write the ticket number somewhere on the check. The easiest way to pay for your ticket is to visit the My Alberta eSERVICES website to pay for your tickets online. Simply enter your ticket numbers (no seats) and you will have the option to pay by credit card or Interac card with only $3 service fee. Managing physical distancing and other health and safety protocols requires the efforts and cooperation of all users of the venue and we thank you in advance for your patience and cooperation. During the pandemic, we have seen an increase in requests to refuse remote witnesses.

Such applications should, as far as possible, be submitted 30 days before the scheduled trial date. If you have recently learned that you have been convicted in the absence of a traffic offence or other speeding offence, resulting in a late fine plus late fees, and you have a reasonable excuse not to pay the ticket or plead not guilty or appear at trial before the publication date, you can apply for the conviction to be quashed. To do this, follow the instructions in the motion to quash a conviction. Mediations will take place as scheduled in Edmonton and Calgary by telephone, Webex or Zoom, as indicated in the Notice of Mediation. Do not go to a courthouse in person if public health officials, your doctor or the Alberta Health Services website have advised you to self-isolate. or you isolate yourself due to travel or contact with people with COVID-19. We continue to promote virtual audiences wherever possible, whether by phone or Webex. Parties should contact local clerks to determine the availability of Webex for their case and agree on planning. Here are the addresses and telephone numbers of all jurisdictions in southern Alberta.

You can show up in person to pay your fines, or you can also send them by mail. If the location of the court you need is not listed here, please visit the Alberta Courts website. Court contact details for traffic closure cases. All safety measures remain in place, including: the requirement to wear a mask; Plexiglas; physical distancing; and current capacity limits for courtrooms related to COVID-19. The Traffic Court, including circuit court locations, will not be present in person from January 4 to 21, 2022. You cannot pay for tickets for Part 2 (Mandatory Court Appearances), but all other fines are payable in records across the province. Note that fees for paying fines at registrars can be as high as $20, which may not be the best option for paying for tickets. If you need more time to pay your fine, you can request more time by completing the payment deadline extension form and emailing the form to the court office handling your case.

Called to the Bar: Personal admissions to the bar are permitted up to the COVID-19 capacity limit for courtrooms. If you have a ticket with an upcoming first hearing date, you can pay for it online, at a registry office, or by mail (see below under Pay tickets and fines). Contact the court handling your case by phone or email if you: All provincial tickets, laws and other matters that will be heard between December 14 and June 25, 2021 (inclusive) must be deferred. Please contact the court office listed on the back of your ticket to postpone your hearing date. You can also contact the court handling your case by phone, email or fax. Follow the instructions on your ticket to file a plea of not guilty by mail. Mailboxes are located at the entrance to the Calgary Courts Centre and the Edmonton Courts. Once the registration procedures are completed, documents can be picked up by lawyers/agents/runners and sent to unrepresented litigants.

Please attach a cheque if there is a registration fee. All other procedures, including pre-litigation procedures and files (including the Case Management Office), will only continue virtually as planned. “I would like to plead not guilty to the crime of which I have been charged and I will appear on the trial date set for me. I understand that I will be informed of this trial date by mail, which will be sent to the address at the beginning of this crime, unless I provide a different address below. I understand that if I do not appear at my trial, I may be convicted in my absence without a hearing, and I am responsible for paying a penalty plus late fees that may become applicable. “In accordance with the Alberta Provincial Court`s reopening plan, all cases scheduled after June 11 will continue as planned. For more information on automated enforcement, you can contact the City of Edmonton Traffic Safety at (780) 496-5656 or visit the Traffic Safety website. If you do not contact the court handling your case no later than your scheduled appearance, you may be convicted in absentia or an arrest warrant may be issued against your arrest. If you are sentenced in absentia, a late sentence may be imposed. If you have received a ticket for provincial offences, you can either complete your payment: the Provincial Court will continue to monitor the situation on an ongoing basis and provide updates regarding the phased reopening. We would like to thank everyone involved who provided support and contribution to the development of the recovery plans.

If you have scheduled a representation for something other than a hearing, do not go to court in person. In Edmonton and Calgary, personal submissions at civilian counters are only accepted for urgent matters. Drop boxes must be used for non-urgent submissions. Documents stored in mailboxes in Edmonton and Calgary will be processed as soon as possible. Lethbridge: 320 – 4 Street S T1J 1Z8 • (403) 381-5223 With the increase in COVID-19 cases and restrictions on attendance at in-person appearances, the court has received more requests for remote witness appearances. All such requests must be made 30 days in advance. Details of non-custody orders and other requests are provided in the Traffic Court Practice Note. A justice of the peace/provincial will review your application on the day your fine is due and you will be notified of the decision by email or mail to the contact information provided on the form.

Red Deer: 4909 – 48 Avenue T4N 3T5 • (403) 340-5250 If you have scheduled a trial in Medicine Hat Court, please call 403-529-8644. If you have received a red light or photo radar violation ticket, as the registered owner of the licence plate, you will receive a notice of the crime by mail from the Edmonton Police Service, including images of the offence. You now have three options: Go to the ticketing service website if you need: Airdrie: Suite 113, 104 – 1st Avenue NW T4B 0R6 • (403) 948-5840 This service does not cover statutory tickets.

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