Merged Definition

Electric car companies Arrival, Canoo, ChargePoint, Fisker, Lordstown Motors, Proterra and The Lion Electric Company are some of the companies that merged with PSPC last year or were planning to do so. The origin is somewhat unclear, but it came shortly after the merger of the National Football League established with the emerging American Football League in 1966. Florida SB 48 aims to merge and expand the already existing multiple coupon programs into two programs. Eventually, all things merge into one, and a river flows through them. Coalescence involves affinity in fused elements and, as a rule, a resultant organic unity. “Merge.” Dictionary, Merriam-Webster, Retrieved 17 November 2022. In a poll conducted by KIIS last month, only 41 percent of Crimeans wanted to merge with Russia. They reluctantly went inside to blend into the darkness from within. Find out which words work together and create more natural English with the Oxford Collocations Dictionary app. Fuse emphasizes the unity and indissolubility of the resulting product. Find the answers online with Practical English Usage, your go-to guide to problems in English.

The verb merge means to connect something seamlessly. For example, if you turn onto the highway, you will have to line up smoothly in traffic and forget everything you learned at the fair with bumper cars. Amalgamation implies the formation of a close union without complete loss of individual identities. These sample phrases are automatically selected from various online information sources to reflect the current use of the word “merge”. The views expressed in the examples do not represent the views of Merriam-Webster or its editors. Send us your feedback. When two or more things become one, they merge. If your favorite grocery store, The Cheese Stop, merges with a sandwich shop called Chez Lui, the two restaurants could also merge their names and become Chez Cheese.

You can also use merging when things just seem to merge. You know it`s time to go to sleep when the words in your book start to merge. There it narrowed abruptly to blend into the steep canyon face. It is his ability to fuse moral sentiments, theological passion and political prescriptions that ignites the fire of his rhetoric. Join our community to access the latest language learning and assessment tips from Oxford University Press! So there you have it: when smaller galaxies merge, their black holes merge as well. Mixing implies that the elements as such disappear into the resulting mixture. Britannica English: Translation of merge for Arabic speakers Usually, the elements are still reasonably distinguishable or active separately. To mix, mix, mix, mix, merge, merge, merge, merge means to combine into a more or less uniform whole. Mixing may or may not mean the loss of the identity of each element. The individual components merge to form message forms and images. Whenever a country`s political parties unite their differences in a common cause, the end may be in sight.

The bill would also impose an onus on merging companies to demonstrate that they do not pose a risk of lessening competition and reducing that burden on government in certain circumstances. Mixing involves a narrower or deeper mix. However, from all the discussion on the issue, some things begin to merge with the clarity of a particular day. Merging suggests a combination in which one or more elements are lost as a whole. Whether Neuralink ends up merging brains and Teslas is not the point. The many societies on earth began to merge into a single superstate.

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