Movie Quote Is That Legal

If it`s unimaginable to you, the word may not mean what you think it means. Here`s the deal – if you`re selling someone else`s words who have an active copyright in them (i.e. they`re not in the public domain or published before 1923), then you could be breaking the law. You must not get caught. You can`t even receive a scary cease and desist letter, let alone lose your profits or business assets – but it doesn`t do it properly. Erin Brockovich, starring Julia Roberts in the title role, is another film based on a true story. In it, Brockovich is hired by a lawyer, Ed Masey, after losing a case for assault. He then played an important role in obtaining a large sum of money in a lawsuit against an electricity company that polluted the city`s water supply. If you want a robust legal analysis, this law review article does a great job. No. This is fair dealing under U.S. copyright law, which allows you to use portions of a copyrighted play as long as you can prove that you are using the quote in a transformative mansion (presumably, a character is a fan of the film and quotes it because it is institutionally appropriate). Think of Arnold Schwarzenegger`s slogan “I`ll be Back,” which is incorporated into almost every film he has directed.

The original line was written by James Cameron for the 1984 film Terminator. At the time of writing, Arnold wasn`t really thinking about the line. Cameron said he thought the line would only be funny by watching repeatedly and that he was surprised that the audience was laughing at it for the first time, having already anticipated the main character`s penchant for machine euphemism. A film directed by Billy Wilder and written by Agatha Christie? Really, what more could you ask for? “Witness of the Prosecution” is full of intrigue and secrets. My favourite line from the film is spoken by lawyer Sir Wilfrid Robarts, the accused`s lawyer. Once his client has been found not guilty, he says, “We got rid of the gallows, but there`s still this banana peel somewhere.” The 1960 film Inherit the Wind is one of the greatest. Not only a great courtroom film, but also a great film that explores the gap between religious faith and science. The themes of the film are still relevant today. My favorite quote is: “The Bible is a book. It`s a good book, but it`s not the only one. I think that sums up how people tend to limit their thinking, often with negative effects. But hark – you say – I`ve seen people dazzle their quotes on the Internet! In The Verdict, the late Paul Newman plays an alcoholic lawyer who receives a case he considers his last chance.

He is about to accept a settlement when he realizes that going to court would be the right thing to do for his client and his career. My favorite quote from the film comes when Newman`s character, Frank Galvin, gives his final speech to the jury: “If we want to believe in justice, we just have to believe in ourselves. And ACT with justice. You see, I believe there is justice in our hearts. Giving someone an attribution is fine – better than nothing – but that doesn`t make it legal. The Firm is another film based on a novel by Grisham. In the film and book, Mitch McDeere takes his first job as a lawyer at a law firm that is more than it seems. Mitch utters one of the film`s best lines to his brother Ray, who happens to be in prison: “Hey Ray, wouldn`t it be funny if I went to Harvard, you went to jail and we were both surrounded by crooks.” Another legal film based on a true story (notice a theme?), Philadelphia is the story of a gay man with AIDS who is fired by his law firm for fear of passing the disease on to other members of the law firm. Andrew Beckett, the lawyer with AIDS, is rejected by nine lawyers before finding Joe Miller, the only lawyer who will defend him. Beckett asks Miller, “What do you call a thousand lawyers chained to the bottom of the ocean? A good start. Since then, the use of the term has been used in all Terminator films (including one in which Arnold was not available for filming because he was governor of California during filming.

it was said by John Connor (Christian Bale)) and most, if not all, films in which Arnold plays a significant role have been used as a kind of joke for the audience with little James costume. Cameron or franchise owners. Also, no parody of Arnold is complete without some use of the line, and almost everyone has an “Arnold” parody. I would like to quote a line from a film from my novel. Specifically: I know I can`t quote a single line from a song without charging an expensive authorization fee. But it`s a short job. Does this also apply to films? If you use a licensed or trademarked image or logo, it is even clearer that you will be infringing and losing any legal challenge to your products. There are so many good things in the 1962 film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird, including this quote from lawyer Atticus Finch: “You never really understand a person. until you look at things from his point of view. Finch talks to Scout, his young daughter, but I think that sums up the theme of the film perfectly.

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