New York Legal Assistance Group Immigrant Protection Unit

Legal Services NYC fights poverty and fights for racial, social and economic justice for low-income New Yorkers. Our neighborhood offices and proximity locations help more than 100,000 New Yorkers each year. Our services are free of charge. LSNYC will never charge its clients legal representation fees. Immigration status permeates throughout our clients` lives. Undocumented immigrants may lack access to life-saving medical treatment and work to meet their basic needs. They may also be at risk of deportation to countries where they may be exposed to violence. They may also see their families torn apart by the immigration system. New York continues to show resilience.

We thrive on our mutual support and our donor community. At the Legal Aid Society, working with our communities advances the work we do in every New York courtroom and informs our efforts to implement political and legal reform that benefits all New Yorkers. Every person who works with Legal Aid is an essential part of our mission to create equal and racial justice. We are united by our values and work tenaciously to ensure that our customers receive the best. LegalHealth – provides a wide range of legal services to New Yorkers with chronic and serious illnesses such as cancer, asthma and lupus through partnerships with hospitals and community organizations that serve this vulnerable population. NYLAG attorneys also conduct trainings for social workers, lawyers, and immigrants in all areas of immigration law, including the impact of status on access to public services. Immigration Protection Unit – This unit provides legal assistance to immigrants regarding applications for permanent residence, work permits, disability exemptions, visas, adjustments of status, discrimination against immigrants, and access to available benefits. Special Litigation – This unit acts as legal counsel in class actions and other litigation impacting the administration of public welfare and benefits programs. By helping our clients achieve the status to which they are entitled, we can give them access to health care, employment, housing and education, and keep families together. We provide comprehensive legal services in our clients` native languages and work with communities by providing services in trusted local areas such as schools, hospitals and places of worship. Immigrants mentored by NYLAG immigration experts last year The program is divided into the following units: General Legal Services – This unit provides direct representation and advice on cases in the areas of government claims, health and medical services, wills, consumer protection, employment and discrimination. Amid a recent influx, migrants and asylum seekers are suffering because New York`s legal and housing system is not prepared to serve them.

NYLAG Jodi Ziesemer testified before the New York Council`s Committee on Immigration, advocating for improved resources and services for newly arrived asylum seekers. Family Law – This unit provides direct representation and case advice in all family law matters, including, but not limited to, obtaining protection orders, obtaining custody, access and support orders, and obtaining uncontested and contested divorces. The Legal Aid Society works throughout New York City to ensure that everyone has access to justice. Our teams of experts work in all areas of practice in almost every area of law that affects New Yorkers. {{ `SMS search available!` | translate }}. {{ “We are a 501(c)(3)-driven non-profit organization” | translate }}. {{ “I have one more question. How can I contact you? » | translate }}.

Sign up today to receive the latest news from the front lines of our fight for equal justice. {{ `How do I search for resources in the One Degree app?` | translate }}. {{ “Why should I create an account?” | translate }}. Every day, Legal Services changes the lives of its clients with the help of its generous donors. Join. People got U.S. citizenship last year with the help of NYLAG. We ensure justice in every district and work tirelessly to make our city a better place. {{ “Read about our impact and get the latest news:” | translate }}. {{ “Add or edit a resource” | translate }} {{ “Always available to all” | translate }}. {{ “Discover videos, webinars, slides and more useful for Pro members” | translate }}.

{{ “How do I add all the resources in my space?” | translate }}. © 2022 Alluma, {{ `a 501(c)(3) non-profit.` | translate}} {{ “Empower you to find what you need” | translate }}. {{ “One Degree keeps all our resources updated every 6 months” | translate }} The Legal Aid Society is based on a simple but strong belief: no New Yorker should be denied the right to equal justice. Children who were affected by our immigration work last year. Our generous donors have proven their commitment to justice for all New Yorkers! Thank you very much. The annual Associates Campaign is one of the Legal Services` largest fundraisers. This initiative accounts for nearly one-third of all individual contributions each year in support of our work.

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