Norma Legal Studio

Provision of legal services for intellectual and industrial property The representation of any institution, the court in any case. Legal advice regarding vehicle safety, safety or life. By providing legal services for the benefit of the Democrats, we provide legal protection to anyone who violates the provisions of the Penal Code for foreigners applying for work permits, positions, etc. We provide legal services related to family law Legal services for the establishment of various professional associations and NGOs representing any institution and/or court in relation to the establishment, administration and protection of these entities. It is a legal protection for any person censured in working arrangements offering services in the field of legal advice and representation of a local or foreign court for cases involving different areas of law, civil, commercial, administrative, criminal, family, etc. Drafting of legal acts such as motion indictments, complaints/petitions, appeals, etc. We help each creditor, the debtor, to fulfill their rights and obligations under the law We provide legal services to anyone who has weighed rich cops and/or non-rich cops as a result of a car accident We provide legal services to anyone who has been denied legal rights.

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