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This membership category allows the member to use the facility for a period of 6 months (November-April or May-October) and the member is not allowed to use the club outside the selected months. The member`s primary residence must be outside the State of Florida. The applicant may not have applied for a Florida homeownership exemption in the past 2 years, not been registered in Florida in the past 2 years, or have held a Florida ID card or driver`s license in the past 2 years. There is no charge for months when the member has no privileges. You can apply for membership in the CCO using the online application form on this website. The form is fully interactive and provides reasonable guidance at each stage, including the membership category and subscription prices for which you are eligible. However, if you have any questions about membership, feel free to contact us at newmembers@oceancruisingclub.org and we will do our best to help you. Oceanside membership is exclusive and rewarding. The excellent facilities and central location provide comfort and convenience to our members. The staff is trained to pamper members with quality products and personalized service. We strive to provide our members and their personal guests with a broad and enriching leisure and social experience. You are not just a member; You are a family.

The Ocean Cruising Club has two types of memberships: Full Member – A full member of the OCC must have completed a non-stop ocean passage between two ports where the distance between ports is not less than 1,000 nautical miles, measured by the shortest practical route of the Great Circle, as skipper or crew member in a vessel not exceeding 70 feet (21.3 m) LOA. Associate Member An associate member must have a clear commitment to obtain the eligible passage within a realistic and reasonable period of time. The period granted is at the discretion of the Bureau and takes into account all the circumstances of each candidate, but may not normally exceed six years. For more information on membership categories, qualification requirements, and the latest subscription pricing, see this document. Junior memberships are available to members up to the age of 40. For married couples, both must be under 40 when applying for club membership to qualify for Junior. Members pay half of the total start-up fee and receive reduced dues until their 40th birthday, then pay the current dues, which then apply to full membership. Junior members have the right to use all golf, tennis, pool, catering and social facilities of the club. Golf does not require tee times and members do not have to pay green fees or course fees for the use of golf and tennis facilities, but must pay a golf cart fee ($22/$12). Members can participate in all tournaments and events sponsored by the club. Members have the right to vote and may hold office and serve on membership committees. NOTE: All junior golf memberships are subject to an 18-month waiting period before downgrades are considered.

Fellowship – The OCC is a global club for seafarers. It has no premises and the members consider the seas and ports of the world as their clubhouse. Members proudly sport a distinctive blue and gold burgee with a fish flying on it. Make yourself known by piloting the Burgee and you`ll be sure of a warm welcome, hospitality, community and support when you need it. Events and Port Officer Network – The OCC has a lively program of land and afloat events, including rallies and company cruises, organized by the various regional commodores and roving rear commodores. The OCC also has more than 200 port officials around the world who have detailed knowledge of their region and are ready to help visitors in any way possible: finding spare parts or services, receiving mail, handling local formalities or arranging informal meetings. Youth Mentorship and Sponsorship Programs – The Ocean Cruising Club offers a personalized mentorship program for full members and associate members to support members seeking advice on sea passages, adventures in distant waters, and coastal cruises to uncharted territories. The Youth Sponsorship Program allows young people between the ages of 18 and 25 to gain experience as crew members on long-distance sailing voyages. The sponsorship contributes 2/3 of the travel and other costs of the trip. Publications and Digital Media – The Ocean Cruising Club is committed to sharing information between its members and the wider cruise community. Reports on members` travels, experiences and adventures are published twice a year in Flying Fish, the magazine of the Ocean Cruising Club. The quarterly newsletter contains news from around the world, the e-newsletter informs members monthly via email, while the website contains a wealth of information, especially on cruise forums.

The membership manual contains information on members, their vessels and port officials, while the OCC fleet map shows where members are sailing at any given time. The very active Facebook page allows members to stay connected on a daily basis. Membership privileges in other clubs – Many yacht clubs grant membership privileges to OCC members visiting sailors. Show your membership card and you`ll probably have a good chance of being well received. The OCC is a network of chambers of commerce and chambers of commerce – the key drivers of Ontario`s economy, advancing policy, building key partnerships and guiding the conversation on key issues. The Chambers Network, with its solution-oriented advocacy, is a respected voice among government decision-makers. Contact us for more information about the OCC or call us at (803) 534-5988. Membership in the OCC gives your chamber access to a wealth of research and knowledge on policy issues relevant to Ontario businesses. Be the first to receive the latest news and rapid policy updates, work with us to publish publications, and have access to the consulting services of our policy team. Click the Apply for Membership link to request pricing. For more information or to arrange a tour of the club, please contact: Kelly Lawrence, Director of Membership 386-677-7200 ext.

305 Full members can enjoy golf, tennis, swimming pool and social facilities at the club. Golf does not require tee times and members do not have to pay green fees or court fees, but must pay a golf cart fee ($22/$12). Members are eligible and encouraged to participate in all tournaments and events sponsored by the club. Members have the right to vote and may hold office and serve on membership committees. NOTE: All full golf subscriptions are subject to an 18-month waiting period before downgrades are considered. In 1911, the Ontario Chamber of Commerce was founded by 45 representatives of the Board of Trade. Today, the OCC and the Ontario Chambers of Commerce Network are recognized as the most influential and respected voice of business in Ontario. *Lockers and bag storage available through Pro Shop NOTE: All fees and launch fees are subject to 6.5% VAT. Participate in the OCC Policy Committee and its many working groups. Bring your policy resolution to the OCC AGM and Convention, where members gather to discuss and determine resolutions that will influence advocacy for the coming year. To find out how your Chamber or professional association can join this powerful network, please contact our Chambers Relations Manager, Sharon Worsley, or fill out our contact form. Privileges: Access to all amenities Introductory fee: $1000 Fee: $375 per month Minimum food: $50.00 per month Tennis/Social members can use all tennis facilities as well as the club`s pool restaurants and social facilities.

Golf privileges can be enjoyed 4 times a year upon payment of the applicable guest fee.

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